Service Industry Traps


I often get a blank stare when I say Andrews Lawn Care is not a Landscape company. I am finding that most people are under the impression that they are the one and the same thing. In this article I want to clarify the two unique but different service industries mentioned above. I would also like to clarify when to call which one for your project and why not to fall into the "do all" company trap.

THE DIFFERENCE                                                                                                                      For starters, A landscape company is a company that will design and build a landscape around your house or estate, even to the extents of a new pool, sauna or hot tub. If you think, land-scape, think land-sculpt. Another words altering your lands shape or form by moving, adding or subtracting various materials to fit the design you agreed upon. This is pretty much the extent of Landscape with a few exceptions. A landscape company in Redding CA may also be interested in one time clean ups and installing drains and sprinklers. Remember, to actually do a full service sprinkler system install, the person installing it is required to have an irrigation License. I can't recommend this enough. Nor can I tell you how many  lawns I've seen in Redding Ca that aren't getting sufficient or precise coverage and the endless problems this causes later. I have heard the term, they didn't do it right on the subject of sprinkler systems and the details involved so many times.                                                                                                                                                 A lawn care or lawn maintenance company on the other hand is a company that maintains what you the homeowner or landscapers have done. Think more, maintaining and Keeping up the luscious, life giving look that you had after the completion of your initial project. Also think about the potential of your property and how once blooming plants that displayed your estate with pride are now withering away or occupying and overtaking your favorite views, plants or often, your house. Without proper care your lawn can significantly lose course and become a struggling, weeds bathed nightmare. A good Lawn Care Company is also prepared with top tools and techniques in the Lawn industry such as a Core Aeration in house, as this is one of the top 3 things to do for a luscious healthy lawn.                   

WHAT TO DO WITH WHO                                                                                                         So to come to the point of this Article, lets clarify. A lot of landscape companies also proclaim to do lawn maintenance or upkeep of properties, but let's face it, this isn't their primary business and when it's the second business their customers get stuck with, well. . . second. Now in defense there are just as many Lawn Maintenance companies trying to do landscape. This often results in a loss on the companies side or you as a homeowner getting overcharged. so to get the top service and quality of, Get a licensed Landscaper to do the initial work. When your project is complete, say thank you and call a Lawn Maintenance company with a great reputation and liability insurance to keep up the grounds of your estate or home. When this is complete make sure you know what you're getting for your money and don't lower your standards of service. You deserve the best. For help with how to get the best and avoiding more Service industry traps, read IDEAL LAWN CARE COMPANY.