The Ideal Lawn Care Company

THE IDEAL LAWN CARE COMPANY                                                                                                                                                                         Today I'm going to talk about the elements and factors of what makes the Ideal Lawn Care company.  By the way what do you call it? Lawn Care, Lawn maintenance, Yard Care, Turf care, Lawn Services, Garden services, or do you have your own title for this trade?                                    Either way, below are a few subjects of interest when looking for an Ideal Lawn Care Company here in Redding Ca.

FIRST AND FOREMOST                                                                                                                  First of all and for starters you should always feel safe when your Lawn Care Provider is on your Property. Your home is your safe place and it shouldn't feel any other way. Part of feeling safe on the practical side is making sure that you lawn care service provider has liability insurance. If there isn't any insurance intact who is going to pay for that broken pipe, window or even a big dent in the car sitting in your driveway? The Downfall of not making sure that your Lawn Care provider has you covered is the Big Deductable of homeowners insurance you have to pay when the costs of an accident or incident happens on your property.

THE RIGHT PRICE                                                                                                                     What is the right price for Lawn Care Service in Redding CA?  This is where "you get what you pay for" rings true exponentially. What do I mean By that? Just think for a second about the time energy and cost it takes to be top notch. Think about the cost of sharpening mower blades after a few months of mowing verses a Lawn Care company that sharpens them after every day of mowing, think about all the costs of being detailed and edging weekly verses every couple weeks? How about a company who pays their employees good enough to keep them for life verses the company that pays just enough to get through the  summer and what kind of problems are handed down to you as a homeowner when this is going on? I mean at some point your going to want the  "JONNY" that is an expert to take care of your property versus the JONNY that is constantly learning the ropes and gouges your grass and hits your sprinklers. You deserve the BEST! Why settle for LESS?           

HOW NEGOTIABLE IS EXCELLENCE?                                                                                       The point of this argument really shows up when we get calls from frustrated customers of other Lawn Maintenance companies in Redding CA.  sometimes when we quote our price they say, why should I pay $29.50 a week when I was paying $27.50? "Hold on there buddy," I have to say. I just heard you tell me about the clippings left on the pavement, the neglecting of the things you specifically asked to be done and on top of that the back gate was left open. So how much did chasing down FIFI cost you? How gratifying is it paying a stinking dime if the service isn't done with excellence? Again, you really do get what you pay for here in Redding CA.

RELIABILITY                                                                                                                               What does this look like in the Lawn Care industry, or for the Ideal Lawn Care company? Let's face it, employees are going to mess up at some point. The question is, do you have a lawn care company that disappears when "JONNY" breaks a sprinkler head or do you have lawn care company that stands behind their service with a Guarantee and excellence in service? A Lawn Care Company that actually answers their phones when you have a question or concern? I hope this helps as you navigate to the IDEAL LAWN CARE COMPANY.